Our Purpose

To facilitate Organizational Effectiveness and enhance Competence & Emotional Well-being of Individuals

Our Value Proposition

Provide customized solutions for Organizational and People Effectiveness through blend of contemporary 'Practices' and 'Hands on Experiences'.

Rubicon Genesis

The metaphor of Crossing the Rubicon comes from Roman history. On 11th January, 49 BC, Julius Caesar had decided to cross the river Rubicon. With the words 'Aleaiacta est' (the die is cast), he had taken the resolution to return with his legions to Rome. That meant war – once he crossed into the Roman heartland across the Rubicon, there was no alternative. There was no way back.

"When people move from 'I would like to' to 'I shall', they cross their personal Rubicon. After that crossing, there is no more hesitation, no more intellectual weighing up of alternatives and no way back."

We, at Rubicon Learning Systems, facilitate individuals and organizations to cross their Rubicon.
Rubicon Learning Systems (P) Ltd. Was founded in year 2002.

News / Update

  • Recent significant assignments
  • Leadership Development Workshop for plant managers in Asia Pacific region for a Manufacturing company
  • Leadership Development programs for Indian subsidiary of a Japanese company
  • Customer Engagement skills workshops covering over two hundred managers in an IT company
  • 360 degree intervention for multiple clients
  • Board Based simulations for multiple clients

  Other updates


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