Rubicon 360o Feedback Instrument

Leadership Development is a continuous process as an individual gains experiences, assumes greater levels of responsibility, and faces a growing complexity of organizational problem solving demands. This 3600 feedback instrument helps in development at individual level. The feedback debrief can help individuals to prepare a personal development plan to address areas of concerns surfaced through the feedback. The intent of the feedback is to help one understand multiple raters’ assessment on various competencies.

The Rubicon 3600 Feedback Instrument is an in-house development and focuses on competencies grouped under Personal Effectiveness, Interpersonal Effectiveness and Business Effectiveness.

Rubicon 360o Degree Feedback Questionnaire

has 65 behavioral statements and provides open space in two blocks for filling in ‘Strengths’ and ‘Areas of improvement’. The rating scale used is 1 to 6 (6: Strongly Agree, 5: Agree, 4: Partially Agree, 3: Partially Disagree, 2: Disagree, 1: Strongly Disagree). The questionnaire (feedback) is filled in by different respondent categories like Peers, Direct reports, Manager (s), Clients, Customers and Self. A report is prepared which summarizes feedback from all respondents.

News / Update

  • Recent significant assignments
  • Leadership Development Workshop for plant managers in Asia Pacific region for a Manufacturing company
  • Leadership Development programs for Indian subsidiary of a Japanese company
  • Customer Engagement skills workshops covering over two hundred managers in an IT company
  • 360 degree intervention for multiple clients
  • Board Based simulations for multiple clients

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