Program: Behavioral Event Interviewing

Back ground

A Behavioral Event Interview (BEI) is a structured interview that is used to collect information about past behaviors. It is an interview technique based on the premise that the best predictor of future performance is the past performance. Thus a BEI attempts to uncover the past performance by asking appropriate questions that require the interviewee to describe in detail past experiences that demonstrate their ability to perform the job.

BEI has been the most effective assessment method in identifying skill levels. It helps in determining levels of competencies (i.e. leadership, functional/ technical etc.). The interviewers would have to infer the competencies from the events and experiences described.

  • Enhance awareness about current Interview Skills and Practices
  • Arrive at shared understanding of Hiring Process, Competencies and Assessment Guidelines
  • Enhance skills for Planning & Structuring the Interview, Questioning, Probing (Based on BEI Approach)
  • Enhance ‘Panel Interviewing’ effectiveness
  • Practice Approach and Skills at the Workshop

Target Group
  • Senior Business Leaders
  • Hiring Managers
  • HR Managers

  • 1 Day for Senior Business Leaders (Partial focus on Skills/ Practice)
  • 2 days for Hiring Managers and HR Managers (Focus on Skills/ Practice)
News / Update

  • Recent significant assignments
  • Leadership Development Workshop for plant managers in Asia Pacific region for a Manufacturing company
  • Leadership Development programs for Indian subsidiary of a Japanese company
  • Customer Engagement skills workshops covering over two hundred managers in an IT company
  • 360 degree intervention for multiple clients
  • Board Based simulations for multiple clients

Other updates


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