Calliper Profile

The CALIPER Profile is a complete psychometric instrument, extensively used world-wide and has been rigorously developed, refined and validated for over 40 years. It is renowned for its predictive validity. E-CALIPER, which is the on-line version, takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

Feedback on the reports is shared on one-to-one basis by trained Coaches.

These reports can be used in different ways: to enhance Team Building, Employee Development, and Organizational Development and for Hiring. These have been found very useful in developmental programs where the Profile becomes an additional source of data on future potential as well as current training needs.

The report cascades from Competencies to Behaviours and then on to Traits. The Calliper Profile gives a picture of individual’s ‘Default’ characteristics i.e. when they don’t have to adapt to any demands. All of us can perform tasks that may not be in line with our ‘Default’ just takes lot more conscious efforts. This is termed as Adaptive Behaviour.

A suite of reports is available covering Executive and Leadership Development, Sales and Service Assessments etc.

News / Update

  • Recent significant assignments
  • Leadership Development Workshop for plant managers in Asia Pacific region for a Manufacturing company
  • Leadership Development programs for Indian subsidiary of a Japanese company
  • Customer Engagement skills workshops covering over two hundred managers in an IT company
  • 360 degree intervention for multiple clients
  • Board Based simulations for multiple clients

Other updates


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