Managing Organization Transition


Fostering the capacity to implement genuine change is increasingly important as competition becomes global. Research across sectors suggests that the failure rate of change initiatives – reengineering projects, mergers and acquisitions, implementation of strategic plans and of IT systems – is a shocking 70%. Interestingly, the most commonly cited reason determining the success or failure of change initiatives is people. Why you might ask? Because when people are not adequately engaged with change, they resist it tooth and nail. On the other hand, when people identify and let go of what must be left behind and, then, build meaning and reach out for what is new, they become capable of initiating and generating sustainable change.
Learn to manage the internal process, the human process that has been repeatedly identified as the missing link in failed change efforts in business

Learning Objectives

  • Enhance the ability of leading oneself and others through difficult change initiatives
  • Understand the critical elements for driving successful change
  • Develop coaching skills to create a change-ready culture throughout your organization
  • Learn how to create and implement effective transition strategies
  • Decrease the negative effects of change on individuals and groups

Target Group

Managers who are responsible for implementing and facilitating change within their organizations and who want to gain the skills necessary for leading their teams through a successful transition process


2 days

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News / Update

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