Train The Trainer

Successful transfer of learning requires that training content be relevant to the task, that the learner must learn the training content, and that the learner must be motivated.

Often the success of a training programme is inadvertently sabotaged by none other than the trainer himself. Quality curriculum and exceptional preparation can be discredited by avoidable mistakes during training delivery.

A lot of times trainersl go through the motions of training assuming they have a formula that works and that any dissatisfaction is the result of a "tough crowd."

Learning Objectives : Post this program, participants will be able to

  • Focus more on Trainees Learning than content delivery.
  • Appreciate and use correctly the training process steps
  • Demonstrate clarity in Expression of Training Objectives, Use of questioning skills, Use of Body Language as trainer
  • Apply correctly the Adult Learning Principles
  • Complete Adult Learning Cycle for every module/session/program
  • Seamlessly switch between different roles as trainer.
  • Give effective and structured feedback to trainees for their development.
  • Initiate and establish process for self development in the area of Training
Target Group
  • Any one who has a training role either part time or full time
  • 5 Days

Video Recording and Review of participant’s current Training Delivery structure

Interactive class room training through Lecturettes, Group Discussions, Inventories, Role Plays, Audio Visuals

Delivery of a Training session by participants using inputs received during this training – Recording and review

News / Update

  • Recent significant assignments
  • Leadership Development Workshop for plant managers in Asia Pacific region for a Manufacturing company
  • Leadership Development programs for Indian subsidiary of a Japanese company
  • Customer Engagement skills workshops covering over two hundred managers in an IT company
  • 360 degree intervention for multiple clients
  • Board Based simulations for multiple clients

Other updates


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